It's only human to feel sad, anxious, even overwhelmed at some point in our lives. Perhaps we've known someone who has struggled over a relationship problem, difficulty at work or school, or even a drug/alcohol problem. Left unattended, these issues affect our well-being and leave us feeling stuck.

Life shouldn't be characterized by uncertainty, insecurity, and instability. It's during these times that people often reach out for help.

As a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I designed our practice to assist intelligent, high-functioning adults, families, teenagers, and professionals overcome the barriers that prevent them from moving forward

People have sought out our practice for a variety of reasons. Many felt alone and were looking for a safe, private space in which to work through their concerns. Others were looking for a more personalized therapeutic experience after struggling with a "one size fits all" treatment program that failed to see them as individuals. Whatever the reason, they wished for things to be different.

We offer our clients therapeutic services that are flexible and match the nature of their problems. In other words, we meet people where they're at and use techniques that are tailored to their needs. This might include the use of exploratory psychodynamic therapy, action-oriented cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, or evidence-based drug and alcohol therapy.

Therapy offers those struggling and their loved ones an opportunity to halt this progression and reclaim their lives. In my experience, I've found that when people believe in the process of therapy and--more importantly--themselves, incredible changes can occur.

Feel free to contact me by phone 267-949-6844 or email me drchadcoren@me.com to ask questions or set up your first consultation with myself or Maura. My office is located at 10 South Clinton Street, Suite 208, Doylestown, PA 18901


"Dr. Coren brings to his patients a truly special combination of depth and breadth of experience and training as a licensed psychologist and certified addictions counselor, plus the personal qualities of compassion, flexibility and enthusiasm. This enables him to work successfully with patients across the lifespan struggling with complex issues of addiction and mental health. He is also a pleasure to collaborate with as a colleague, demonstrating his ability to share his wisdom with respect and professionalism. I am pleased to highly recommend Dr. Coren without reservation."

                                                                        --Barry Lessin, M Ed, CACD

"I have had the honor and pleasure to have known and worked with Maura over the past year and a half.  Her professionalism and dedication to her clients is demonstrated without question.  Maura's empathy and therapy style allows for those working with her to obtain the highest level of care and meet the needs of the client in a collaborative and safe setting."

                                                                        --Kayla DonFrancesco, MS

"Chad is one of the few licensed psychologists in Pennsylvania who have also received credentialing as a Certified Addictions Counselor Diplomate. Chad is more qualified than most psychologists and addiction counslelors to navigate the often complicated waters of addiction and co-occuring mental health problems. He supported me in building my practice and provided unselfish collegial supervision to many of my friends and colleagues. He exhibits the highest standard of personal integrity in his work which is only matched by the warmth and compassion he shows for his clients. In choosing a therapist especially for drug and alcohol issues I would highly recommend finding someone with both knowledge in mental health processes and addictive disorders. Chad is absolutely that therapist."

                                                                         --Jeremy Frank PhD, CAC

I am forever grateful to have gotten to know Maura Farrell over the past three years as a supervisor and colleague. She is an outstanding therapist. I have been a counselor for the past 14 years and she is one of the best I have worked with. She has helped me both professionally and personally. She is able to instill hope in whomever is lucky enough to interact with her.

                                                                        --Amber  Cangelosi, MS

"Dr Coren is a clinician with a strong sense of purpose which is supported by immense competence and a proven track record. It is because he and I see things differently, that I am often so impressed with his conceptualizations. He has an eagle-eye for the blind-spots and neglected angles in the therapy, and this is what makes him such a valuable resource during case consultation. Likewise in his own work, he delivers results. If you choose to see Dr. Coren, he will match your effort in the therapy one-to-one. As long as progress is your goal, your progress will be his goal as well. He applies a well-balanced combination of intellect, compassion, and motivation which when combined with the will to change, produces amazing and lasting results. I strongly recommend that you consider working with Dr. Coren when choosing a therapist."

                                                                       --Seth Dennis, PsyD 

Dr. Coren is an outstanding psychologist. He is personally engaging, highly skilled in his area of expertise and ethically sound. I confidently refer those substance abuse cases outside my expertise to Dr. Coren and consistently receive excellent feedback. In my opinion, Dr. Coren is the preeminent addictions psychologist in Bucks County. 

                                                                      --Eric Weinstein PsyD

ABOUT DR. CAbout_Dr._Chad_Coren,_Bucks_County_Therapist,_Doylestown_Therapist,_Warrington_therapist.html

Chad Coren, PsyD, CAADC

Licensed Psychologist

Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

10 S. Clinton St, ste 208, Doylestown PA, 18901

phone: 267-949-6844

email: DrCoren@BucksPsych.com

A complementary 15-minute phone consultation is available for all prospective clients. 
Please call 267-949-6844 or email to arrange a time.mailto:drchadcoren@me.com?subject=email%20subjectmailto:drchadcoren@me.com?subject=Question%20for%20Dr.%20Corenshapeimage_9_link_0

Phone: 267-949-6844

Chad Coren, PsyD, MEd, MA, CAADC

Specializing in the treatment of mood disorders, substance/alcohol use disorders, marital conflict, and work related stress

Maura Farrell, MSS, LSW, CAADC

Specializing in the treatment of mood disorders, trauma, addiction, and women's related concerns



-Individual Therapy

-Marital, Couples, Family Therapy

-Group Therapy

-Alcohol Moderation Consultations -Substance Abuse Evaluations

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-Mood Disorders like depression, anxiety, complicated grief and loss

-Relationship and marital conflict

-Work related stress

-Substance use, misuse, abuse, and addiction

Doylestown & Washington Crossing, PA